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TikaPac uses 20 years of Marketing, Business, and Consulting experience in the printing and packaging industry to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and grow sales.  Founded in 2005, TikaPac, a division of Tika, LLC, offers customized plans to fit your marketing needs and budget with a focus on small to medium size printing and packaging companies.


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Tim Roberts
Founder and Principal

Tim Roberts started in the printing and packaging industry in 2001 in a Business Development role with a small family owned printing company in Baltimore, Maryland.  After 5 years of annual double-digit growth, Tim joined the Management team and became a Partner where soon after the company reached $24mm in top-line revenue and was sold.  Tim stayed on as head of Marketing and Sales with over 500 employees and $125mm in revenue before leaving in 2019 to work full time with TikaPac.   

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